About Beema

Very simply Beema has been riding the wave of technology development for almost 20 years now.  We started making videos and video interfaces for bleeding edge interactive television technologies.  Then the internet became a thing and we started apply our visual and interactive sensibilities to the web and email.  Next came SEO and SEM and we honed our ability to get eyeballs to the cool things we created.  Eventually Social took the world by storm and plugging into that interconnectedness of this world became a part of our tool kit.

This journey has left us with a great deal of skills and experience to sort the useful from the fad and the necessary from the unnecessary.  We endeavor to help all of our clients use just the technology that helps them accomplish their goals and nothing more.

Specifically we focus in three key areas:



In order to decide which mix of technologies is right for any particular business it is important to know what we want to accomplish. That is often the hardest part of the task. Sure, most of our clients know that they want more business, more customers, more traffic, etc. What is often hard to understand is which of these things actually means more profit.


Once the strategy is know we take care of building whatever needs to be built. This might include things such as a: web site, social media campaign, video or animation, SEO or SEM strategy, or simply a choosing and assembling of tools that already exist in the marketplace to accomplish your objective. Whatever the task we can get there faster and cheaper than you can on your own.


Most marketing and customer acquisition strategies require constant attention. Most companies are in the business of providing a good or service and customer acquisition is just a necessary part of the business. Like accounting and taxes those things that are not the central focus of a businesses should be outsourced. Beema can help take this burden off your plate.







Our process is simple…we talk to you and find out what you want to accomplish.  That’s pretty much the secret sauce.

The things we do can be done by many people.  There is a lot of great talent out there that can build a site, buy some keywords, post on Twitter and utilize all of the cool tools and channels that spring up and disappear faster than a Disney stars dignity at the VMAs.

The real trick is to know WHY you are using these tools.  The why is important as not every cool new channel is right for the job.

We figure out the ‘why’ before we build the ‘what’.